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Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Golf Union in Tourism Partnership

stephen Asiimwe CEO UTB


Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Golf Union in Tourism Partnership

2ndL-Uganda Golf Union Presient Innocent Kihiika and UTB CEO Stephen Kihiika during a press conference at uganda Golf Union Club

2nd L-Uganda Golf Union Presient Innocent Kihiika and UTB CEO Stephen Asiimwe during a press conference at Uganda Golf Union Club

The Uganda Tourism Board has launched a partnership with the Uganda Golf Union to Promote Golf Tourism ahead of the Uganda Golf Open Championships set for this year.

The partnership is set to see both institutions work together to position Uganda as Africa’s best Tourism Golf tourism destination this will start in March with a joint golf Open tour Promotion

The Outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Stephen Asiimwe while adressing Journalist at the Uganda Golf Union Club in Kitante said as UTB they have taken active steps and forming of Partnerships as a strategy to Position Uganda as a top Golf Tourism destination

“Uganda is Uniquely placed in such a way that every Golf course is near a touristic attraction, for example Jinja golf course near the source of the Nile, Mbale golf course adjacent to MT Elgon and Sipi falls, among others which implies every golfer stands a prospect to experience the surrounding touristic attractions which calls to tap for the opportunity” said Asiimwe

Asiimwe added “there is now a very high demand of golf tourism from the Asian tigers such as china and japan where Over 14 million golfers live in the countries.”

uganda tourism Board CEO Stepen Asiimwe

Uganda Tourism Board CEO Stepen Asiimwe

The Uganda golf Union President Innocent Kihika said the opportunity UTB has presented to the Uganda Golf Union is amazing.

“it’s a unique Partnership for us to partner with UTB in promotion of tourism, Uganda has 18 golf clubs like we have the lake victoria Serena golf club that has state of art facilities and the best Golf course in the country making Uganda a suitable destination to play golf.” said Kihika

Kihika added “We are rated among the best destinations in Africa for playing Golf because of several elements like the average rating with in this destination and the density of average Golf clubs

It is estimated 5-10% travel worldwide with the sole purpose of playing golf and the number has been steadily increasing over the years as countries embrace Golf Tourism and on a global scale Golf contributes 20 billion dollars annually.




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