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Traffficking of Karimojong children rife in Uganda


Traffficking of Karimojong children rife in Uganda

Children sighted walking on streets

Children sighted walking on streets

Did you view the NBS television video on the Slave Trade taking place in Arapai Thursday Market outside Soroti Town? I was shocked that this heinous activity, that took more than 200 years ago elsewhere in Africa, is happening now, moreover, under the very enlightened NRM regime.

When you think of it, however, it should not be such a surprise.  All you need to see is the number of young teenage Karimojong girls begging on Kampala Streets. Some of them have babies strapped on their backs or sides. It is very rare to see young boys; this is strange.

I asked one of these young girls carrying a baby where the father of the baby was; and she said she did not know, even from the time she got pregnant. She said she was brought from Napak District.

That is interesting! According to the NBS documentary, these children are trafficked from Napak through the Slave Market in Soroti and brought by the people who have bought them to Kampala. Some of them are taken to Busia, Malaba; and I am now told that, a few of these children have been spotted begging in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.

I am also told that the sinister motive behind this trade is to depopulate the pristine Napak District so that those corrupt big wigs involved will grab that land for themselves. Phew!




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