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Uganda and Rwanda should sit and talk-inter religious council speaks out

MUfti Mubajje


Uganda and Rwanda should sit and talk-inter religious council speaks out

MUfti Shaban Ramadhan MUbajje

MUfti Shaban Ramadhan MUbajje

Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) has on Thursday 7th  give out their views  on the misunderstanding  between Uganda and Rwanda, saying leaders of the two nations should seek dialogue to resolve all the disagreement between the two nations
While Addressing the journalists on Thursday, the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban  Ramadhan Mubajje said that the two countries should sit at a round table and find a lasting solution to the rift between Uganda and Rwanda
Mubaje explained that the two countries can use  diplomacy through their foreign Affairs Ministers, the East African Conflict Management Act, 2012, the International Conference in the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU) to solve the tension between the two nation
 “The closure of the border has wider negative impact to trade, movement of people, capital and services to and from the neighbouring countries including Kenya, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan among others” he added
He further stated that the tension between the two countries can be solved dipolmatically when the two leaders of this countries sit and dialogue so people should not suffer because of something that can be solved
”  We are  concerned that the border closure will raise misunderstanding  not only between the two countries but the neighbours as well hence frustrating the movement of people and transport,so serious dialogue is needed” he added
Rwanda National Congress a group that Rwanda alleges is plotting to overthrow the Kigali government with Uganda’s support and last week Katuna boarder was cut off by Rwanda authority.
He further  urged   the political leadership of the  two countries to ensure
that their actions and decisions are in concurrence with the interests of their people of their respective countries



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