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Mubajje appeals to Muslims to follow gov’t guidelines on coronavirus 


Mubajje appeals to Muslims to follow gov’t guidelines on coronavirus 

Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje in his office at Old Kampala’s Gaddafi Mosque

The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje has appealed to the Muslim community to strictly follow the guidelines issued by government on Coronavirus.

“I am appealing to all the Muslims in the country to abide by the directives issued by the President to prevent the risk of contracting the virus,” he said.

While addressing the media the Mufti emphasized to the Muslims and advised them  to stay away from congregational prayers like Juma and Jaama for the period of 32 day’s as the government assess the situation.

His comments came shortly after president Museveni outlined several preventive measures including but not limited to closure of all educational institutions, prayer places like churches and mosques for the next 32 days.

He urged Muslims to take precaution measure like washing hands, avoid shaking hands, use of sanitizers, and avoid hugging and many others.

“It is Islamic to stay away from danger in case there’s a calamity just as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised us to always stay away from contagious diseases,” he said.

The Mufti directed the Regional, district Kadhis to abide by the presidential directive together with the ministry of health guidelines.



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