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Backpacks becoming a public nuisance, something be done

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Backpacks becoming a public nuisance, something be done

The other day, I boarded a taxi and sat in the front seat. Now, in hindsight, I should not have done that. I sat with a fellow who had a rucksack at his feet and another on his back, like a schoolchild. Needless to say, he made the cabin quite uncomfortable for me to sit in with him.

Just behind the driver’s seat, was a woman, also with a backpack with a school-going child, too, carrying his small rucksack? For the children it seems to be fanciful, but why should it be for the adults?

It must be said that these bags were originally meant for holding computers. Whereas the computers are heavy, they are not bulky. What Kampalans and Ugandans, in general, have now turned these into, is as suitcases. I even espied a girl stuffing a folded raffia mat into her backpack. My God!

Especially for the taxis, they should encourage the back-sack carriers to have them put in the boot of the taxis. But obviously, they are going to resist this at all costs, as they will claim their goods are delicate. In that case, let the authorities institute bye-laws for the carrying of these back-boxes.


Emilly Nakassagga




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