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I’ am here on a peace building mission-Mufti Menk


I’ am here on a peace building mission-Mufti Menk

Mufti Dr. Ismail Musa Menke

Mufti Dr. Ismail Musa Menke

The renowned Mufti Ismail Menk from Zimbabwe has said that the main mission for his visit to Uganda is to build bridges between leaders through spreading the gospel of peace regardless of religious differences. His three day visit runs along the theme: “Building Bridges”

While addressing journalists today at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala Menk said: “We as Muslim leaders who are looked up to have a responsibility on our shoulders to guide the people especially and to display to the non-Muslim masses as well what exactly we stand for.”

He added that Muslims stand for peaceful co existence with both Muslims and the non Muslims.

“That is the reason why we move across the globe preaching the gospel of peace so that those who want to preach negativity are proven to be wrong in their link to Islam or any other religion,” he added.

Menk addresed media today Thursday June 20 and will tomorrow lead Juma prayers at the Gadhafi Mosque in Old Kampala. He will in the evening attend a corporate dinner at Hotel Africana.

On Saturday Menk will visit Musana Islamic Center in Kyebando, have another grand social dinner at Pearl of Africa Hotel and he will wind up his visit on Sunday with a public lecture at Nambole Stadium.



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