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Muslims urged to maintain their faith even after Ramadan


Muslims urged to maintain their faith even after Ramadan

In mates who recieved the donations

In mates who recieved the donations

The Sironko woman MP Florence Nambozo has urged the Muslim community to sustain the unity and remain committed to their faith during and after the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

While donating Food items to both inmates of Mutufu Government Prison and the Muslim communities in Sironko district on Sunday, Nambozo who was represented by Hajjat Zaituna revealed that Muslims need to exhibit the heart of togetherness and mercy through sacrificing to those in need.

“I want to urge our dear Muslim sisters and brothers to remain united and committed to your faith as are doing in this month even after it has ended”

She donated 5oo kg of rice, 500kg of maize flour 300kg of sugar and 100 liters of cooking oil to both the inmates and the Sironko Muslim community

“Ramadan is the time when Muslims are compelled to giving and this is the reason why I have considered both the inmates for and the general Muslim community” she added

While receiving the food stuffs, the prisoners’ led by their imam sheikh Asuman appreciated for always standing with them.

Kabigi Rashid the communications officer of Sironko district Khadi who received the donation on behalf of the Sironko Muslims at Bugusege Mosque thanked Nambozo for establishing a good relationship with the Muslims even though she doesn’t belong to the faith

“Our relationship with Hon. Nambozo goes a long way back and we are very grateful to her for her continued support especially during this holy month” he said

In the holy month of Ramadan Muslims across the globe show mercy and total supplication to their lord and in the last ten days

According to Islamic teachings, the last ten days are the most significant blessed days in this month the holy Quran is believed to have been revealed in these days.

It is also believed that within these days there is a special holy night  known as ‘Laiylat al-qadri’  which is equivalent to 83 years(1000 months) and if a Muslim believer is found doing a good act In this night, he/she will receive rewards like someone who has done it for 83 years.




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