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Geosteady : From production to singing


Geosteady : From production to singing

One of Uganda’s reigning Rhythm and Blues top singers George Kigozi, a.k.a Geosteady recently announced he was quitting singing to concentrate on more rewarding and less stressful careers.

Incidentally, Kigozi’s announcement came on the day he was celebrating the launch of his Live Recording Music Studio House dubbed the House Music Line, along Salaama road in Kampala. For many like yours truly, the launch of the studio house, comes with a shade of confusion as to where he really stands.

It may be recalled that Kigozi ventured into the music industry through the kitchen – read studio. He was a producer and worked for a couple of years with a number of top notch recording studios in Kampala such as JahLive, Karma and Afande records.

After years of working with musicians, Kigozi decided to pick up the mic himself and sing.

He explains that: “I could no longer handle the stress. Some musicians would come in studio green about what they wanted and could waste a lot of time yet there was little pay. I could also not compete with the new talents. They were really good.”

While producing, he worked on a number of projects such as Eddy Kenzo’s Nkulungula and Bolingo besides handling several other local and regional artistes from neighbouring countries like South Sudan.

In 2013, he voiced and produced his first single Ntunulira. But he admits he did little to promote it since he lacked most of the marketing strategies for the industry.

The self-styled Blackman, Kigozi stormed the scene with Viola, a rendition of the late Elly Wamala’s song by the same title. Unlike many other rising artistes, Geosteady did not leave things to chance. He hawked his work from radio station to radio station, Dj to Dj seeking to get airplay.

He has since done several recognizable songs including Tokendeza, Njagala ebisembayo.

With only seven years in the Industry, Geostedy says he is hanging up the boots. He says others have earned more from his talent than he has. He therefore believes that investing time in other things will bring better returns.

“There are other things I need to handle. I am tired of pressure. There are other things i need to give time that generate more music,”

Kigozi says his is a live band studio which he believes will be a home for all other artistes.

Asked why he is venturing back into the production business, again, Kigozi explains that this time, it is different and that his will be different from other studios. “This is a live video studio. A house for all artistes. Others are doing digital studios.”

He believes that over-performing at events such as weddings and private functions has made artistes lose value since they don’t make their fans miss them.

Geosteady is a family man and a father to Soraya and Sorange. He also runs st. George Foundation Uganda.




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