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Rain pattern interesting even in Kampala and environs


Rain pattern interesting even in Kampala and environs

Last Sunday, and even on Wednesday, it rained very heavily around Kampala City, and for us, who come from Mukono, the place was completely dry. And the rain came at around 4:00 p.m. and ended before 7:00 o’clock. The flood water that cascaded along the drainage channels of the Centenary Park was astonishing.

Interestingly, in and around Mukono, these days it rains at around 4:00 a.m. and when we travel to Kampala in the morning for work, we find that there has been no rain at all there.

We are talking of a distance of not more than 20 kilometers between these two places. Whereas, the Meteorology people have been telling us about the rain patterns for planting and so on, obviously they have not addressed the people who work and trade, as if these category of people do not count in the economy, in reference to climate change.

And when you go to Kawempe and Bwaise area, you are confronted with floods, which have destroyed the habitats. Of course, we shall all blame the rain as a natural occurrence which nobody can do anything about. This is as good excuse as any, to avoid any government civic action, to try to contain nature.

Sulaiman Ijererei




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