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Golola, Ssemata fight in new twist


Golola, Ssemata fight in new twist

Uganda’s popular kick-boxers Moses Golola and Thailand based Umar Ssemata’s long awaited clash has become produced another contest between promoters

The 3rd August rematch that will happen at Freedom city mall has been termed as as the fight of the century due to its uniqueness and composure

However renowned Event organizers and promoters Balaam and Abtex have instead infected the fight with politics by reminding the kick-boxing fans that they belong to different political camps.

The 50/50 million prize event will be more of a People power and NRM fight with Abtex promotions and Golola Moses carrying the Red Beret Movement while Balaam is bent on branding Ssemata as a yellow man for NRM.

While addressing a news conference at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, Balaam said his fighter Ssamata is ready to kick the People power card promoter Abtex and his fighter Golola

“Ssemata is ready to kick the hell out of these People Power guys, I have given him directions to finish the fight in the first round last time it took us five rounds, I want to chase Abtex out of promotions.”

Abtex didn’t take matters lying down when he hit back at Balaam saying: “Its obvious People Power is winning. You can see the hype and support we have even in politics,”

“My fighter Golola is to kick these NRM granys. I am sure after the shock he will retire from politics and promotion,” said Abtex



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