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Art Arcade appoint selves Good Lyfe heirs

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Art Arcade appoint selves Good Lyfe heirs

ArtArcade superstars

Many artistes have been inspired to start a career in music from the former duo of Radio and Mowzey. Most want to sound like them, even though one of them departed dear life.

One of those groups is Art Arcade, a self-proclaimed dynamic that want to emulate and even sing the same way like Mozey Radio and Weasel  Manizo.

Art Arcade song factory comprises two artistes Ibra Muganga aka AIB Stereo, a professional Lab technician and Justin Lutaaya alias J.J. a professional biology teacher. Both started their careers in Kimwaannyi Sunday school choir in Masaka.

Yese pays a Bosco-like tribute to the late Radio

The late Mosey Radio of the good life

“I have the electronic voice like Radio and J.J. raps like Weasel and possibly better than him. The way we do our things is of a Good Lyfe style,” said Alb Steroo.

In the next five years, they believe they will own the world’s strongest record label and will be training new artistes.

“We believe it will take us less than five years to win all domestic and international awards,” he added



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