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Is the “Nkuloga” singer now charming older ladies?


Is the “Nkuloga” singer now charming older ladies?

Is it that Grenade uses a charm to woo these ladies like he sings in the Nkuloga song or?

TNS Musician Grenade Official

After allegedelly being kidnapped by God’s plan aka Marcus Sheila Gashumba’s hubby, this came after rumors circulated that Grenade was dating Sheila.

New kid on the block and Nkuloga artiste Grenade Official aka Deus Ndugwa confirmed that he is dating late AK 47’s widow Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.

Maggie who currently lives in the US has been living a not so good life since the death of AK 47, her problems arise from dating issues coupled with being a key witness in Don Nasser’s money fraud scandal.

As we speak, Grenade and Maggies relationship is no longer under lock and key as Grenade now openly dedicates songs like “Amen” to Maggie on Instagram.

Grenade and Girl friend Maggie in a screen shot

This is not the first time that the artiste is involved in a relationships with older ladies; rumor has it that the singer has a history of dating older ladies whose names Rafiki is not at liberty to reveal.

Now Rafiki is wondering does Grenade use charms like in his song Nkuloga to get into the wardrobes of these ladies or is there something he is not telling us.

AK 47, real names Emmanuel Mayanja died mysteriously in 2015 while still a member of TNS, a music group owned by Jeff Kiwa, he was survived by a pair of twins who live with their mother (Maggie) in the US.



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