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Why Carol Nantongo quit Golden Band


Why Carol Nantongo quit Golden Band

Singer Carol Nantongo

Artiste Carol Nantongo on Tuesday officially quit the embattled golden Band a music band that she joined in 2015.

According to Nantongo, most of the Golden band directors opted for other business investments and others went overseas like the UK and USA for Greener pastures which reduced the group to almost none.

Nantongo said, “The wave of politics couldn’t save us (Golden band).

“I was like in the middle of the lake in a canoe, the demands on my side increased yet the group wasn’t carrying out the routine concerts like it used to yet my mum and the family entirely depend on me because am the bread winner.” Nantongo added.

However there are Allegations that the band was also rocked with adultery and witchcraft and this could have also fuelled the departure of the artiste.

The Singer has now resolved to push her career to the next level where she wants it to be, “I had to painfully take a decision to go solo.

Promoters think the Band is keeping me busy yet the reverse is true, It’s official my fans, I am now a solo artiste from the time you are reading this post.” read Nantongo’s post.

Nantongo thanked Golden Band for nurturing her and she pledged to be available for Golden band as a guest artiste and urged her fans and promoters to continue with the support even in her solo act.



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