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Sylvia Owori Vows to Finance artists’ Projects if they unite


Sylvia Owori Vows to Finance artists’ Projects if they unite


Owori in white Mask, join artists to celebrate the women’s day

Sylvia Owori, the former fashion guru-turned Gen. Salim Saleh Executive Secretary and Operations Director Operations Wealth Creation has rallied Ugandan artists to unite if they are to tap from the government’s assistance through Operation Wealth Creation.

Owori, the Director of Operations at the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) expressed happiness and commitment to use her experience to support musicians overcomes poverty.

She made the comments during events organised by the Uganda Musician Association and Operation Wealth Creation to commemorate March 8, international women’s day held at the Uganda National Cultural Center gardens in Kampala.

Owori, a former Fashionista’ and Managing Director of Zipa Models and Sylvie’s Boutique, shocked many when she was recently named into the influential position as the director of operations at OWC.

Currently, Owori is going around the county spreading the gospel of unity especially under Savings and Cooperatives (SACCOs) in order to channel government’s financial assistance under the Emyooga Program.

Owori said artists need to come together and work as a group, while respecting their leaders. She emphasized the importance of discipline as the key to opening doors of success.

“You people need to unite and get organized, we have many programs for you but we can only do this when you’re united and organized, I heard your views, the need to go back to stage.

But to achieve this you must be organized and be united just like the way saloon operators did. I can assure you if you’re united, I will take you to those responsible and you will present your proposals and ideas,” she said.

Owori said her mandate is to see them organized, united and deal with some of the issues they have been crying for including starting projects for them, bridging the gap between artists and government ministries and agencies.

“I will not get tired to tell you to organize and unite, everything will be sorted, if you’re organized your issues with the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC), will be sorted those with UPRS will be sorted and to me I believe nothing can fail, you can use me as an example. I am that testimony, it’s very interesting how I was picked by these soldiers to head OWC,” she said.

Owori said God gave her a new calling to serve in OWC, the women, entertainment industry and the country.

She said it’s historic that as Operation Wealth Creation with the Uganda Female Musicians Association were able to organize the first edition of the annual Women’s day which will act as an opportunity to unite and discuss as women but mostly as artists.

“I have received numerous offers for Ugandan artists from international labels but I am afraid because most artists are indisciplined and not united.

For example we would pay artists to perform in London only to find them in Ange-noir, let’s be disciplined, I left music and went into business and because of my discipline, the army came for me, just because of the values I held and lived for, am Happy Mama Halima Looked for me with this initiative I pray we take it on and use it positively,” she said.

Owori vowed: “In three years, if the artists commit to their unity and organization, they will be very far, I can tell you this industry has the biggest potential, we shall finance your projects”
Halima Namakula, at the event said she’s ready to take on the advisory role to the artists and guide them where it’s necessary.

“You all know me. I fight with no one. I am here to be a mother for all of you. We need to unite if we are to develop, I am glad that it’s happening on Women’s day and the first of its kind, Sylvia told me it will be an annual event where we come and celebrate each other,” she said.

The Uganda Musicians Association President Cinderella Sanyu AKA Cindy advised artists to work on their discipline but also value themselves if they’re to benefit from government and other companies.

“We need to work on ourselves; we need to promote our brands such that people from government and big companies can start valuing us but most importantly we must also be united and disciplined,” Cindy said.

Cindy appreciated women like Halima Namakula, Chance Nalubega, Sylvia Owori among others, who inspired her to join the entertainment industry.

Phina Mugerwa AKA Phina Masanyalaze the UMA General Secretary asked artists to work together mostly those who have been in the entrainment industry for years, to help propel UMA to greater heights.

“You our elders need to work with us we need to coordinate and unite, and see how we can run this beautiful industry, all the differences need to be ironed out for the future to be bright, let’s stop blame games but encourage and advise each other,” she said.

The female artists also used the event to fundraise for the ailing Evelyn Lagu who needs a kidney transplant estimated at UGX250 millions. Owori advised Lagu to to trust in God in whatever she’s doing and what she’s going through.



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