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We have to stop and forget about exploiting oil


We have to stop and forget about exploiting oil

Sampanya Hotspring is one of Uganda's renewable energy sources

Sampanya Hotspring is one of Uganda’s renewable energy sources

The most motive and on-coming issue facing the world now is that of climate change.

Recently the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gueterres, warned of catastrophic consequences, if by 2030, the world’s climate rises by 1.5% degrees celcius, if we fail to green the world.

As many countries look to environmental protection, we in Uganda are still prospecting in fossil fuels and building pipelines to export oil.

Besides the active use of oil may end within a decade, we have to change tack now and begin looking to green economics.

The best way to be in sync with the climate change trend now, is to stop building the oil pipeline and forget about digging up the dark gold.

By so doing we shall be doing two important things, one as suring a clean environment for our future generations, here in Uganda and secondly, getting in the front of the action to think about and develop alternative methods for survival.

We have the capacity and the natural infrastructure, we should turn to culture, traditions and tourism as the driving forces for our future economic development, what we are lacking now is critical thinking.

By Ebenezer Okolong



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