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KCCA, please restore sanity in Kampala


KCCA, please restore sanity in Kampala

KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka

Kampala, which is Uganda’s Capital City and the seat of government has in recent months become a big eye sore not just for the visitors but also for the millions of people who work from it every day.
Kampala’s down town is currently unlivable, unpassable and unbearable because city authorities has abandoned their responsibility of keeping trade order that allows both the traders buyers and ordinary passersby to go about their businesses without being inconvenienced.

Sadly this is not the case. As you read this, roads like Namirembe, Luwumu Street, Ben Kiwanuka, Nakivubo meus are currently unpassable because traders bring loads of merchandise right in the midst of the roads.

It is so painful to see farmers and food sellers unload sacks of Matooke, unwashed sweet potatoes, vegetables on the roadsides or in pedestrian ways as is the case at Ben Ben Kiwanuka and Clock tower.

There has been speculation that perhaps authorities had relaxed their stance on cracking down on illegal vending due to the political activities of the just concluded general elections.

Now that the elections are over, we need to restore sanity. We have heard some people regret that the former executive director did a better job than the current one led by Ms. Dorothy Kisaka.

And perhaps they are right. It does not take a blind person to see that the city has changed for the worse ever since Jennifer Musisi relinquished her mandate as the Executive Director.

Coupled with this trade disorder is the fact that Kampala’s roads are now full of potholes. The Kampala Flyover project at former clock tower is not making matters any better.

We are only lucky that we are in a dry season. When the rains start, one can be sure that Cholera and other diseases are likely to break out.

KCCA and the leadership of the city led by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, working with Kisaka needs to give us answers.
As Kampalans, we deserve better than this from the NRM government and other lower local governments.

By Joana Namubiru Bwaise



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