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Set up an independent inquiry to probe abductions


Set up an independent inquiry to probe abductions

Relatives and friends of the abducted persons at NUP offices in Kamwokya

Several reports have emerged regarding the alarming rate at which Ugandans are being abducted from different parts of the country. Some of the reasons cited as the causes of abductions include support for opposition politicians, which make me wonder where we are headed as a country.

The kidnaps are a source of anxiety among many parents. My mother back in the village took trouble to call me and warn me to watch my movements. She said: “Dennis, please desist from any form of political talks ahead of the general elections.

I tell you so because yesterday night, unknown armed people attempted to abduct our L.C.1 Chairperson who escaped but Junior (Julius Kiberu) one of his close friends was taken among others to unknown destinations.”

The whereabouts of many are still unknown; some dead bodies have been discovered and no single perpetrator has been brought to book. This is causing a lot of discomfort and some have been discovered in forests and other isolated areas but in a sorry state.

Such crimes against humanity have turned our shared values and beliefs exhibited in the Ubuntu philosophy.
This illegal activity has become rampant not only in my home district of Mukono but across the entire country.

The fight against this activity should not be conducted basing on vague pronouncements from those charged with governance but through collective efforts of all citizens of goodwill here and world over.

It is therefore very important that an independent commission of inquiry is set up to investigate, determine and make recommendations regarding the seeming abductions of the citizens.

The commission should have representation from religious leaders, members of parliament, judicial officers among well respected personalities

Dennis Ssebugwawo, Mukono



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