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Luring kids who’ve tasted money, back to school will be difficult


Luring kids who’ve tasted money, back to school will be difficult


According to the ministry of Education and Sports, children in Primary One, Two and Primary Three will resume classes on 7 June and study until 24 July before having another unknown period of resting.

Face to face learning was suspended by president Museveni early last year due to the outbreak of the deadly pandemic Covid-19, in the country.

Children in the above mentioned classes have been at home for almost a year now therefore. According to the survey made by this author around Kampala, very many children are likely not to go back to school again.

A lot of them are, on a daily basis, seen selling basic necessities and other valuables in the streets of Kampala.

Children, very many of them less than 10 years of age, are now are among the vendors on Kampala streets.

Some of them have been heard vowing never to go back school. They say going to school is time wastage.

A child in Uganda grows up hearing that those who never attended school never earn.

These ones have tasted the sweetness of money that they thought could only be got by learned people alone.

The majority of these children vending allover Kampala are likely not to ever go back to school again, and no amount of persuasion will force them back.



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