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Kyagulanyi In the Get-up of the UN Trouble Spots Gear


Kyagulanyi In the Get-up of the UN Trouble Spots Gear

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

When you observe the latest dressing Robert Kyagulany a.k.a. Bobi Wine is getting up in, you get the impression that he is a United Nations employee in one of these

agencies, that are working in trouble spots around the world. And so, Bobi Wine is actually in a trouble spot in Uganda where the electioneering is concerned.

The question is: what is the NRM leadership, fearing about Bobi Wine? At one point you hear them saying, they cannot be ruled by a Diploma-holder. Another time you hear them saying they cannot be led by a musician. Yet these are the same people who are trying to imitate him with the singing of “Another Rap”. What is all this about?

But to immediately debunk this. Bobi Wine has a degree in Music, Dance and Drama from Makerere University. He has a Post-graduate qualification in Governance from the Kennedy School of Leadership at Harvard. And his music resonates with every youth in this country. So, there is some jealousy on that level.

Yet, even with this, there is something still that is disturbing these NRM people. They do not want to tell us what it is, yet they are harassing Bobi Wine all the time.

Leave Bobi Wine to campaign! What if he were to win the election and become the next president of Uganda, where will these NRM cadres go?

Georgina Langol




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