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Kenzo promises “Ssemyekozo’s” Free concert


Kenzo promises “Ssemyekozo’s” Free concert

On Teusday under scrutiny musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo fans gave him a heroic welcome that paralyzed traffic on Entebbe Road. In the process, four people were allegedly involved in an accident and are nursing severe injuries from different hospitals. 

Musician Eddy Kenzo

Singer Eddy Kenzo who had vowed not to ever perform in Uganda until Sheikh Muzaata apologises said he has put all those bad mamories and he revealed that he in a spirit of brotherhood he has forgiven Sheik Muzaata.

Kenzo also promised to put up a free concert for his fans. During his address at the Big Talent Entertainment home in Salaama, Kenzo said  all the fans especially the ‘Love Niggas’ (Ssemyekozo) that stood with him during the recent hard times and achievements deserve something special in return.

Kenzo said his management will soon announce dates for that show where he will present the Best Entertainer of the Year award, an accolade he won over the weekend at the African Entertainment Awards that were held at Kupfrian Hall, Jim Wise Theater, New Jersey, US.

“I grew up on the streets and I learnt very many virtues including moral integrity especially when you have to swallow your pride to survive. The Quran emphatically also advises us to forgive and I understand the Bible also advises forgiveness. In that spirit therefore I forgive Sheikh Muzaata, if he wants to apologise to me he will he will apologise, if he is not willing then I pay to Allah to judge between us,” Kenzo said.




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