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January 5th is the Deadline as Womanhood Film Awards takes shape


January 5th is the Deadline as Womanhood Film Awards takes shape

Sarah addressing the guests during the launch of the 2020 Theme last year at Pearl of Africa Hotel 

The Native Voices International has set 5th January, 2020 as the deadline for submission of all entries that shall compete in the Maiden Celebrating Womanhood Festival Film Awards 2020 that are slated to take place in March 2020.

The awards were launched under the Celebrating Womanhood Festival Project, during the unveiling of the 2020 Theme, at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala on 14th November 2019.

They are aimed at  recognising the best out standing women who are making a difference in the film, Media and Art industry.

Accepted entries are; Action, Drama, Documentary, Live Action, Animation, Fantasy, Experimental and History films all directed by women.

Phenomenal stories about women made by men are accepted in two categories; Documentary and Feature and shall be accepted for screening but not in the competition.

The awards have been stipulated particularly for only women filmmakers, covering the; Best Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Animated Film.

Individuals who shall also receive awards are; Best Director, Best Independent Producer, Best Original Screen Play, Best Adopted Screen Play, Best Cinematographer,

Other categories are; Best Film Editing, Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Ugandan Film, Best Make up, Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Score, Best Song and Best TV Series.

Finalists will be announced by 15th January on website of Native Voice International ( and final screening of the winners shall take place during the Celebrating Womanhood Festival that shall be held between 4th and 8th March, 2019.

The awards were introduced as an effort to boost more women participation in the film sector especially in the roles that have majorly been undertaken by men.

“Women here are perceived by media as being inferior, yet in actual sense we have women who are making great achievements. In these awards, we shall be awarding those women who do technical work like Editing, producing and many more.” Sarah Nsigaye the Executive Director of Native Voice said during the Launch.

Since 2012, Celebrating Womanhood Festival has been holding an annual Celebrating Womanhood Festival aimed at amplifying women’s voices, highlighting women’s achievements and challenges they still face in the struggle for gender equity, using the universal language of Film, Media and Art.

The festival will be organised under the theme: From the horse’s mouth- a woman’s Narrative.




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