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Religious Leaders Denounce CCK for Controversial Remarks

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Religious Leaders Denounce CCK for Controversial Remarks

Christian leaders under their Umbrella Religious enlightenment forum an independent religious group has condemned and denounced the Christian Council of Korea over the remarks that were made by pastor Jun Kwang Hoom whom they called blasphemous

In a press conference hosted at SS Hotel Kampala the pastors argued that the Christian Council of Korea, CCK is comprised of Presbyterian and protestant churches in South Korea. You may understand it as the Inter Religious Council of Uganda. One of the once famous Christian religious group, guiding the nation of South Korea, guiding and advising not only their believers but the entire country. But now has come to ruin.

According to the pastors CCK once boosted of 12 million saints in and when corruption and the Blasphemous statements by their leader the number of church goers has drastically reduced from 12 million to 3 million.

The pastors added that CCK has been convicted for more than 12,000 criminal cases in the past decade, most of these crimes being murder, theft, embezzlement, rape, Acts which are unheard of, abominable.

In the recent past, the President of CCK has been gushing out statements that have brought disgrace to the Christianity and to religion.

The president of the CCK pastor Jun Kwang Hoon said “, I’ll always have a hold of God’s throne. God, freeze. If you mess with me, God, I’ll kill you! You see, I’m God’s close friend, we are on very good terms” which the pastors said Such are not only blasphemous but also abusive and misleading to the world

Apostle Isaac Luganda of AHI-Uganda said “As believers are giving effort to have a proper life of faith, if we their leaders, their shepherds, do not play our duty of guiding them, we shall only plunge the world into more disgrace.

“As the believers come to the religious leader seeking for guidance on how to walk a proper life of faith, the way to heaven, religious leaders are instead training them to be better sinners than they were” said Luganda

“As Religious Enlightenment forum, our mandate is to have a religious world that shines light to the whole world and to bring those bad acts to light so that they can strongly be condemned and prohibited” pastors argued

Pastor Jonan Mweteise of the Holy Tabernacle Church said Such actions of the CCK are anti-Nation, anti-Religion and anti-Society. They should be banned and their perpetrators brought to book so as we gather here today, we should help CCK by pointing out their wrong doings such that they change.

“Doesn’t the Bible say if he doesn’t call himself a brother, even if he sins you have nothing to do with him but if he claims to be a brother but is acting contrary, then you should act. Are the actions of the Christian Council of Korea, the actions of a Christian Organization” said Mweteise.

Pastor Kalema Moses of Assemblies Missions Church said “as Religious leaders should we sit back and watch as we see CCK tarnish the name of Religion did Jesus sit back and watch the Jewish leaders as they used religion for their selfish interests to mislead the nation”.

Members of the Religious Enlightenment Forum vowed to petition the government of South Korea through the Ambassador of South Korea to ask his government to act, to condemn the actions of the Christian Council of Korea



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