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Ugandan, Korean kids share each other’s culture at fun-filled camp

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Ugandan, Korean kids share each other’s culture at fun-filled camp

The group photo that was taken of the camp meeting

As one of the activities to celebrate 60 years of Korea-Uganda diplomatic relations, the Korea-Africa Foundation recently brought together a group of 19 young people (11 from Uganda and 8 from Korea) to a youth camp aimed at promoting networking among the youngsters, as a way to deepen cultural ties between the two countries.

The youth camp took place at Jinja Haven Hotel between June 21-24, 2023.

The meeting had as some of its objectives, exploring the opportunities for cultural exchanges between the two countries, making friends, and giving the Korean youth a chance to share aspects of their culture such as Taekwondo, Korean language, Korean Popular Music (K-Pop) and much more.

The Kids from Uganda and Korea enjoyed each other’s company in Jinja recently as a cultural exchange programme

The camp meeting would also enlighten the young people, particularly the Ugandan youth, about the ideology of the Saemaeul Undong, or the New Village Movement, which is one of the development movements that are greatly credited for transforming Korea’s economy from a poor country to a high-income country in the shortest recorded time.

The kids on a boat cruise

With a combination of interesting activities such as games, food, boat cruises to tourist sites around the source of the Nile and development projects, the camp meeting turned out to be so much fun for the participants.



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