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Climatic Change Should be a global concern


Climatic Change Should be a global concern

Uganda Red Cross workers ventured helped to rescue many people that were trapped by the massive floods

In the last twenty years, the measures adopted to minimize the negative impacts that accrue from climatic change are very minimal, and notably most have stopped within the legislative chambers, and have not been translated into action.

Recently, when president Donald Trump threatened to pull out the US from the climatic deal signed in France, the whole world was in great fear as if America is the only country to determine the world climate.

Of course, it’s appropriately fitting for the most industrialized economies including America, to compensate small countries for the damage caused as it was suggested, but even minus America, we can still do something to curtail climatic change dengers.

Climatic change is catastrophic globally, either consciously or unconsciously. The rate at which natural resources; like swamps, rivers, foreststs are being destroyed is worrying and its seems no one is concerned, yet when nature rebels the consequences are dire.

The current state is obviously alerting us of what will befall us in future, if no serious attention is put in place to regulate the destruction of nature. This is everybody’s responsibility to make sure that the world in which we’re living, and wish our children and grand children to live is more secure. Make sure to plants trees, and conserve swamps Planting trees, or not destroying swamps. Government has resources and can reach out to all citizens through various platforms to sensitize them of their role in stabilizing the climatic phenomenon.


Andrew Kaggwa




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