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Dr. Kaziimba urges peaceful handover as he gets office


Dr. Kaziimba urges peaceful handover as he gets office

Outgoing Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanely Ntagali(Left) welcomes the Archbishop elect Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu at Namirembe Hill after a thanks giving service at Namirembe cathedral yesterday.

The new Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Rt. Rev. Dr. Steven Kaziimba Mugalu has urged leaders in various positions to always be willing to hand over power  peacefully noting that leadership is meant to be for a particular period.

“Leadership is God’s blessing for a particular mission, for a particular period and once done handover is always necessary,” Kaziimba said while receiving the office of the archbishop from Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali at Namirembe hill.

The new Archbishop hailed his predecessor, the outgoing Archbishop Dr. Ntagali for the great support since his election as the 9th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

“This has been a smooth transition. I wish to thank His Grace for the continuous support and advice ever since I was elected Archbishop,” said Kaziimba.

Dr. Kaziimba, while in a thanksgiving ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe on Wednesday, also thanked the Almighty for choosing him in the new position.

“I don’t have any reasons to brag around, it’s a new calling, a new leadership but a chance to continue serving the Lord,” said Kaziimba.

Kaziimba reveled that under his leadership, he looks at widening the Ministry of God through winning new hearts to the kingdom of the Lord.

“My new leadership is a call to conversion of the head, the heart and the hand,” said Kaziimba.

Dr. Kaziimba as well  thanked the Lord for choosing him, that What we never think, what we never expect, is what God does, up to now am still amazed about becoming the 9th Archbishop.”

In his handover report, the outgoing Archbishop, Dr. Ntagali cautioned leaders holding various positions to always think of life after service other than deliberately deciding to continuously serve.

“Under my leadership, I have always had a good team but handover time still had to come and I, in the same way want to caution all leaders to always feel free to handover because these are public offices,” said Ntagali.

Ntagali prayed for Kaziimba in his new task.

“It’s my prayer that God blesses the Archbishop elect in this new leadership,” said Ntagali

The bishop of Namirembe Diocese Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira described Dr. Kaziimba as a wise leader of undisputed good character.

“At one time he said to me ‘be careful because some people may address you as our Lord yet in actual sense they mean load,’ for such, his wise words, let’s all work with Dr Kaziimba as a group amid all the challenges for the work of the Lord to be done because whatever is handled as a group becomes a quick success,” said Luwalira.

Reverend Luwalira also asked Dr Kaziimba not to be afraid of the new leadership for prayers are always with him

“Have been continuously praying for him and wife because as you all know leadership is not easy and I believe he’s ready to lead us in good service of the kingdom of the Lord,” said Luwalira.

“Dr Kaziimba is not being led to desert but to the provincial and archbishop state and after service he will either go back to Mityana or to Mukono but for now, he is here to stay and we assure you your worship all is well here,” said Luwalira.

Dr. Kaziimba will be installed in a ceremonial function on March 1,  2020 at Namirembe in a ceremony that will be covered live on television. President Museveni is expected to be chief guest. Among other noted guests is the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Anglican Church in the World the most Rev. will attend,  others guests include the Archbishop of North America, other Church Clergy and other dignitaries.





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