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Mubajje urges muslim leaders to stop fueling conflict


Mubajje urges muslim leaders to stop fueling conflict

Mufti Mubajje addressing muslims last weekend

The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje, has urged muslim leaders to refrain from fuelling conflicts which have bred disharmony among faithfuls.

“Stop fueling divisions among the muslim by siding with people who are fond of propagating the gospel of hatred, disunity,” said Mubajje.

Mubajje made the remarks while officiating at the official opening of Nakasozi Masjid Jamia at Buddo Wakiso muslim district last weekend.

Masjid Jamia

Mubajje stressed that mosques are places of worship which should always be free and open to all muslims no matter the doctrines provided.

He added that it’s important for the mosque leadership to allow whoever wants to use them in a proper manner according to the teachings of Islam.

He expressed gratitude for the mashrooming mosques around the country “which is a clear indicator that Islam is spreading tremendously”, he added.

He also urged all the leaders right from grassroot to stop politicising Islamic religion and instead spread the word of love among people.

He said ,the main role of politicians and other leaders in the community is to make sure that people are united to ease economic development and wellbeing of the locals.

Mubajje further called upon the muslims leaders in the country to concentrate on creating harmony ,peace and unity other than promoting hatred.

The Mufti pledged to support all donars whose intentions are clear to support Islam.

In addition to several measures put in place by the ministry of health to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country, Mubajje also urged Muslims to always wash their hands after using the latrines.

“There is a clear way of cleaning ourselves as Muslims, right from the toilets where you are advised to go with water.Islam foresaw this long time ago, the causes of such diseases and all procedures were well laid in the Holy Quran, “he said.

Mubajje was also accompanied by the Secretary for Religious affairs Shk Murishid Luwemba and Director for Sharia Shk Yahaya Kakungulu.



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