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Life won’t return to normal until COVID vaccine is found – M7


Life won’t return to normal until COVID vaccine is found – M7

President Museveni’s addresses on COVID-19 have repaired his fading appeal among TV viewers

President Yoweri Museveni has hinted that things will not return to normal until a vaccine or some clear treatment is found against the Corona Virus.

The President made this clear in his highly anticipated update on the government COVID-19 containment measures, that many hoped would restore public transport, a key aspect of normal life in Uganda. This was especially after the government announced that its 16,000 sample survey had not found cases of COVID-19 in the community.

Instead Museveni announced a series of measures that all pointed to the fact that the restrictions on mass gatherings such as social gatherings, religious gatherings, unrestricted use public transport and re-opening of international borders, will only resume after a vaccine has been obtained.

As a result, Museveni announced a number of relaxations in the lock-down but only for situations that do not bring many people together or that bring people too close to each other.

Reports from the global scientific community however estimate a vaccine to be available earliest next year.

The government’s decision, is likely to adversely hit the economy as it sends the signal that demand and investment will remain subdued for at least the rest of the year.

The relaxed measures for example include;

  • Allowing private cars not public and boda bodas
  • Allowing non-food shops and not arcades and shopping malls
  • Allowing only candidate classes and keeping the rest of the students out.
  • Maintaining ban on all religious gatherings and social gatherings

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