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Gov’t steps on landmine in fight with Bad Black


Gov’t steps on landmine in fight with Bad Black

Shanita Namuyimbwa, aka Bad Black

The government is trapped in a moral crisis of having to defend itself in a fight involving a self-confessed prostitute.

Bad Black has threatened to sue the government unless it pays her UGX550 million for the advert that she recorded with Precision Communications Consulting Ltd.

But the Ministry of Health claims that although it was involved in clearing the messages, all key personalities who recorded the messages to sensitize the masses on the dangers of COVID-19, did so voluntarily.

But far from being a legal fight, the ensuring conflict presents a major moral crisis for the government. Not only is prostitution illegal in Uganda, it is considered to be deviant behavior.

In addition, Bad Black is known to be notoriously foul mouthed in her communications. Over the past couple of days since she issued her intent to sue, she has uttered expletives and obscenities no sane person can dare mention.

So, its very difficult to imagine Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health, a well-respected, God-fearing mother with an impeccable reputation, facing off with Bad Black, someone who has nothing to lose in a cross examination before the judge.

As many have argued, an out of court settlement in favour of Bad Black is the best outcome of this potentially embarrassing situation.

This would help to bring early closure to the matter and prevent it from diverting the government and indeed the ministry’s resources from fighting an ugly war than focusing on the fight against disease.



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