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Gov’t threatens to re-impose lockdown as people abandon #Tonsemberera


Gov’t threatens to re-impose lockdown as people abandon #Tonsemberera

Museveni is concerned about the lapses by the public in its handling of COVID-19 guidelines

Museveni is concerned about the lapses by the public in its handling of COVID-19 guidelines

The Minister of Information and National Guidance has warned the public that the government will re-impose the strict lock-down measures if people continue to violate the safety measures it introduced with the aim of preventing the further spread of COVID-19.

Minister Judith Nabakooba, said in a Facebook post yesterday that: “Unless we change and fully adopt the existing guidelines on prevention of COVID-19, government may consider re imposing strict lock down measures in order to prevent the country from slipping into a bigger outbreak.”

Nabakooba says: “The biggest concern for the government at the moment is that community infections have started to rise and yet majority of the people no longer want to put into practice the existing guidelines on prevention of COVID-19.

The Police in Kawempe has arrested two local council officials to doing nothing when over 600 people gathered to attend the burial of a person contrary to the directive that requires that only 10 people are allowed to attend a burial, according to the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire.

Minister Nabakooba’s Statement reads thus:

Some of the dangerous practices that we are observing are as follows;

  1. Majority of people coming into towns and other public places do not want put on their masks.

  2. Trading in some of the key markets and zones such as Kikuubo, Kalerwe, Kasubi and also in other town is happening without any form of social distancing.

  3. The practice of washing hands with soap for all market goers has long been abandoned.

  4. Boda bodas that were limited to making deliveries only are now ferrying passengers.

  5. Recently, we saw a number of taxis that were impounded in Mutukula for ferrying passengers out of the district yet this is illegal in all the 40 boarder districts.

  6. We have noted with concern that a number of young people, teenagers, students who had not seen their friends since the lockdown have now started to converge in key public places, they are hugging, consuming alcohol and socializing with total disregard to the existing advisories.

  7. Some of the taxis are loading passengers without any form of sanitizing or washing of hands with soap.

  8. We are also noticing people organising big weddings and attending burials that are against the guidance on mass gatherings.

  9. The Ministry of Health is also telling us that unless something is done quickly, the country is soon moving to the final and most dangerous stage of widespread community transmission.



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