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DP calls for Opposition retreat to resolve differences ahead of elections


DP calls for Opposition retreat to resolve differences ahead of elections

The emergence of MP Robert Kyagulannyi’s People Power on the scene, old parties like DP and FDC are concerned about losing their clout at different levels

Democratic Party(DP) has called for a retreat to bring together all party leaders from different opposition clusters to find away of fronting a joint candidate come 2021 general elections.

While unveiling DP delegates for Wakiso at the party headquarters in Kampala,the party president, Norbert Mao,said that he is ready for opposition coalition.

He explained that last attempts failed because some leaders wanted to be fronted for the position of president before going through a proper selection process.

Mao accused some opposition leaders of being preoccupied by personal interest as oppose to unified effort of having a sole candidate in the forthcoming elections.

“DP proposed the grand people’s coalition based on one to one model at all levels, if there is a change of mind well and good.I have seen the leadership of FDC saying anybody who wants our support should first join us.Now that can’t be a partnership,”he said.

He said that Democratic Party takes a lot of pride in its history and aspirations noting that Ugandans are the ones who want unity ahead of elections.

“I think many people have decided to ignore Ugandans.Wherever I go, the bodabodas and taxi operators tell me that we should unite,that’s what they want but it seems the leaders are not interested,”he said.

He suggested the need for a crisis meeting between opposition leaders for an agreed position on the matter of coming up with a sole candidate.

“I propose that the top leaders go for a retreat because those who need to agree ate not more than five seriously talking.The stubborn people who are required refusing to agree are not more than five.Forget about people raising red,green flags and so on. Once we agreed we will front one candidate, “he said.

Mao however said that calling for unity ahead of 2021 general does mean that he is out of the presidential race.

“I am still a contender for the presidency of Uganda.The fact that you join a coalition that doesn’t mean you can’t lead it.just in case there is any confusion.You be part of the coalition and lead it and run for presidency,”he said.



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