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The big storm you never knew you would overcome 


The big storm you never knew you would overcome 

African Queen food donation

African Queen staff handing over the 18tones of maize flour to the govermernment task force for food distribution to vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 pandemicLocked down for  more than three months and,  with no gainful employment and authorities caring less to ensure  your well being, you managed to  endure. You are alive!

Your children are alive too. You have fed yourself and that sizeable family. Your school going children have been away from schools since 18  March,  2020. They are studying from  home since then.

You have managed to buy for them what authorities have said is good for them, to continue learning normally, from home. You are paying all the bills like you used to before the outbreak of the pandemic.

How could those children learn with power off or that TV there  idle? You have all the reasons to say God is Great and is still with you.

The rich are going to accumulate more fortune. The poor will need our prayers.  Look attentively and observe carefully the world in which we live today. What are you seeing?

Me personally, I am observing something. I swear I had never thought accurately and found solutions to things like I have done since Mr Museveni ordered non essential people in the country to stay inside their homes so that they may stay safe.

I didn’t know, before the outbreak, that  I lived in the world I never knew well.  My friend, you are still with life in you. There are things now that you should completely abandon and forget about.

There are some people you  should never go near again. This is  the time we, together, gathered strength to get  up on our feet. We must  dust ourselves off and we see what  to do next now.

Today someone has understood that life should not be taken for granted. We have all agreed that one may stay and live normally  without the hundreds of dollars, the entire world had always woken up to seek,  in his or her pockets.

It is like this God now wants us  to turn to Him and  worship  Him,  in recognition that He really exists.

Not all people would succeed this year.  Some people, I am sorry to say so,  were created to be street sweepers at least for sometime before they would be elevated to the exact positions they deserve.

This world, and all its fullness, is the Lord’s. What has happened to all of us this year is a big lesson. You will never die easily. You have survived a big storm.

I  know why more than 120,000 people in America have so far died yet we here in a  country, with  a totally shattered health system,  are still living.

No one in Uganda has succumbed to Covid-19 at the time of my writing this.

So many  people have  died in the countries we have always yearned to fly to.  Hundreds  of thousands are bedridden in these countries which we feared and worshipped.

Businesses have collapsed and the effects of coronavirus will leave hundreds hopeless and depressed forever. Forget something and live, fully, again.

Prophets and Pastors in Pentecostal churches make a mistake of letting people think they can succeed with prayer alone even before planning and then gathering courage to work hard and long to what they need.

These same people, before the outbreak of the global pandemic, covid-19, prayed for their followers to fly to powerful countries whenever they needed. God knows better. The current situation has taught us how to  pray.

We have known that praying for provision and life from God is not wasting time. The new world is here with us ladies and gentlemen. The world will require  us to behave in a certain way.

If every day we took the words  “agriculture is the back bone of our country” for granted, we have today accepted this reality that some  boda boda riders would be successful farmers today if they had looked ahead in the beginning.

This is  the time for swollen-headed men and women to accept that God wants them to serve, not to milk their countries like they have done for decades.

We are today living in the world where posho is accepted as  food. To walk to work is not the   worst thing a person can do. People  like Kizza Besigye thought so,  before the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Some things are normal today. People are almost in the streets demonstrating. They want posho and beans!  You can today walk from Nyanama to the city centre and no body will think you are broke.

We have pretended a lot for many years. Now is the time for the reality to sink in!

The one who prayed to the Lord to take him or her to America or Europe should now pray a different prayer. A prayer that perhaps involves asking for life and food only.

The year is where it is. It will be burying  you with those  who will succumb to Covid-19 if I continue holding you with gloved hands. Wake up.  But what’s your dream?

When you have suffered enough and thought enough,  and cried enough, you will throw away the shackles fastened by authorities during the  uneased  lockdown days.

You will know your business soon I know. Perhaps you have suffered and learned enough.  Your business  is to succeed. The new world is here. Move on!


Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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