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Bassajjamivule deserts People Power, joins NRM


Bassajjamivule deserts People Power, joins NRM

Basajjamivule, left, with Balaam Barugahara

Controversial Radio and TV presenter David Basajjamivule, denounced the People Power group he joined recently, and announced he had crossed to the ruling NRM Party.

Basajjamivule made the announcement besides staunch NRM supporter Balaam Barugahara during a news conference in Ntinda. Barugahara has been linked to big time acquisitions of artists and social critics, who in turn get financial rewards for crossing over to the ruling party.

Mivule said he had realized that the people power group is nothing but a misguided group of idiots.

“I have come out to guide the youth in the right direction as far as politics is concerned. We can’t stand and just look on as an empire of hooligans is being set up to lead our country. We cannot afford to have an empire whereby their king is not willing to take advice from anybody,” Mivule said.

He went on to thank President Museveni for being tolerant with his critics.
He said that he has abused him for years but he was never reprimanded yet ‘the Bobi Wine hooligans are on his case for speaking out against Him.’

“Let no Ugandan give a single vote to these Hooligans of people power. I therefore vow to use all the necessary resources available to me to crush People Power movement. I therefore openly vow to support Yoweri Museveni so that I can add something positive to my ccountr,” Mivule said.

But Mivule’s switch to NRM is likely to shock few considering the wild allegations he has made in recent days.

It is reported that using his social media platform, he vowed to fight to ensure the downfall of Buganda, for allegedly if ignoring his plight when he was imprisoned recently.



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