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What’s the fuss about me meeting Kibalama? – CDF shoots back


What’s the fuss about me meeting Kibalama? – CDF shoots back

General David muhoozi, tye Chief of Defence Forces

The Chief of the Defense Forces of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Gen. David Muhoozi has admitted that he met the former President and founder of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Nkonge Kibalama.

But Gen. Muhoozi says there’s nothing wrong about that, even though critics say it reflects badly on the image and impartiality of the Force which he leads and is supposed to be neutral.

A few weeks ago, Kibalama told court during a cross-examination that he had met Gen. Muhoozi and discussed some issues.

The revelation caused storm amid political observers who insisted that it was inappropriate because it made the army an active player into the politics of the country against its constitutional obligations.

Many alleged that it was after that meeting between Kibalama and CDF Muhoozi they the former changed his affidavit to court seeking to distance himself from changing the leadership of the National Unity Party (NUP).

On Wednesday night, while appearing on UBC’s Behind the Headlines Political talkshow, Muhoozi said that he met Kibalama and insisted that they discussed security issues not politicis.

“Kibalama and I met, and our meeting was unsolicited. I won’t deny the fact that we met, I remember I was going In a meeting and they told me this gentleman needs to meet you, I asked can’t it wait and they said Kibalama’s life was in danger. Yes we met and he asked for security from UPDF and I told him why not go to the police but he insisted that he needed UPDF. I told him I will consult and see how we can help me. Next thing I heard is that he went to our sister security agency ISO,” Muhoozi said.

The CDF asked; “What is the fuss if I met Kibalama or any (other) Ugandan, why should I not meet Odongtho, Kibalama or any other person, What’s the fuss for.”

When asked if he regrets meeting Kibalama given the fuss it brought,
Muhoozi said he doesn’t regret anything as he doesn’t want to go into the dynamics of the NUP, NURP ownership and transition, but reiterated that he will always be available for every and any Ugandan.

“I wouldn’t want to be drawn in the dynamics of NUP. But everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have finally been given the opportunity to be heard; I met Kibalama on matters other than NUP,” he said.

In August, two NURP members Basile Difas and Hassan Twaha dragged 11 people to court for changing the party leadership without authorization to Kyagulanyi and the name was changed to the National Unity Platform and Kibalama swore an affidavit defending the process of changing the party leadership.

Kibalama however swore another affidavit in which he made a U-turn, prompting the court to summon him for cross-examination.



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