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Ministries start to implement lunch allowance cuts for staff


Ministries start to implement lunch allowance cuts for staff

Jeje Odong

The staff of the ministry of internal affairs are among the latest public servants to suffer from from the recent government directive to suspend lunch allowances as a cost cutting measure.

In a notice published on 13, November, 2020, the Directorate head told all commissioners that they decided to suspend lunch in office due to the current economic hardship and the underfunding of the directorate’s office.

“Following the economic hardships and underfunding of our budget and increased unpaid bills to service providers, this is to suspend serving of lunch to departments,” the Directorate Head said.

The Directorate head added that the situation is a temporary measure that would be adjusted as soon as funds are available.

“This is a temporary measure to be adjusted as and when funds are made available. This does not however apply to the detention centre. Your cooperation is required.

However, In last week’s memo sent to the Permanent Secretary (PS), Secretary to Treasury (ST), the Ministry of Finance said the payments for staff of State House, Ministry of Defence and other priority agencies and statutory obligations would not be affected.

“Reference is made to a meeting in your office (PS/ST, Accountant General and Director Budget) regarding cash flow for November-December 2020. It was agreed that given the cash position, only payment for the following should be made: State House, Ministry of Defence; wages, salaries, pension and gratuity; statutory obligations and Electoral Commission. All other payments should be deferred until further advice from the PS/ST,” reads the memo issued by the Accountant General, Lawrence Semakula.

The suspended payments include subsistence, lunch, mileage, transport and overtime allowances.






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