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Dramatic scenes as US Army foils coup attempt incited by Trump


Dramatic scenes as US Army foils coup attempt incited by Trump

One of the attackers who breached security and stormed and ransacked Congress, chats with security

Believers in democracy and peaceful transfer of power across the world are still holding their heads in disbelief following the shocking scenes in the American capital that saw the army being called in to confront armed civilians who stormed Congress to stop the approval of the recently declared winner of the US president Joe Biden.

The attack by armed and unarmed civilians on one of America’s most sacred institution of democratic leadership – the Congress, has been blamed on the sitting President Donald Trump and a number of Republican Senators and Congressmen who have been actively mobilizing supporters to protest, even as all States approved the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as duly elected president and vice president of the United States for the next four years.

The move has however been thwarted by the army, and other republican leaders led by Vice President Mike Pence who repudiated Trump and his coup plotters as being against the will of the people.

Now, it has emerged that pressure is mounting for the republican leadership to start a process of removing Trump from office forcefully.



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