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NRM-leaning bloggers blocked on FB, Instagram


NRM-leaning bloggers blocked on FB, Instagram

Ismail Olaxes, Full figure and Ashburg Kato

The Facebook and Instagram accounts of some of the leading NRM supporters in Uganda have been blocked, owners of those accounts have cried out the American tech giant to remove the punitive measure.

The Sunrise cannot confirm if this was done by a hacker or whether it’s a deliberate measure by Facebook and it’s affiliate Instagram, since the tech giant is yet to make a statement.


Reports indicate though that about 500 accounts of mostly NRM leaning propagandists have been disabled.

It is suspected that the victims of this drastic move have been punished for their pro government stance. However, political support for NRM alone appears to be a weak reason as some of the victims are said to be apolitical.

Some of those affected include Duncan Abigaba the deputy head of Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC Uganda), Ashburg Kato, Ismail Olaxes, Full figure, Giles Muhame, the editor of online news media Chimpreports and the FB account of his company.

The development comes amid fear in the population, that an estimated 5 million Ugandans are likely to suffer poor internet next week as Ugandans vote in general elections in which they are expected to choose a president and members of parliament.

There is fear that the government will cut off the internet to counter spread of news about elections but also to interfere with transmission of results by the opposition.



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