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GNL Zamba releases another banger titled Saba Saba


GNL Zamba releases another banger titled Saba Saba

When Lugaflow singer GNL Zamba left the country a few years back, many thought he has given up on music and his focus was now in film, family and business. The singer shocked many when he released Nsimbi, an album that featured him and the wife Miriam Tamar.

The album appealed more to the people in the US since it had changed style a bit from the style (Lugaflow) that GNL is known for.

What Saba Saba lyrics video here

Currently, the singer has gotten Ugandans humming and singing to the rap song Saba Saba. Gnl, who also calls himself number 12-11 released Saba Saba on Friday last week and it is already doing well on music streaming sites. The song comes after other songs he did like Energy and Dear Hiphop with some being on the 11 truck album titled Spear.

Before the video is released, GNL has put Usd300 (Shs1M) for the person with the best dance video and choreography of the song Saba Saba.



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