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French company signs Entebbe Express way road toll contract


French company signs Entebbe Express way road toll contract

Entebbe express way road toll

The French company Egis Roads Operations S.A was chosen to operate the road toll on the Entebbe Express way.

Now the company has formally secured the signature from the Executive Director of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) collect toll fees on behalf of UNRA as well as maintain the green belt, install street lights for a period of five years with the possibility of extending the contract for two more years.

In a statement, Egis said
Security and safety issues will be major challenges for Egis. Thanks to the installation of additional safety equipment and lighting along this expressway, Egis will provide a high level of services to motorists which will benefit from optimal driving conditions Neighboring communities will also profit from increased safety and economic activity brought about by this project.

The company said in. A statement that:, “Egis aims to make this project a real showcase for its operation and maintenance activities in the region. The Group is fully committed to the development of strategic infrastructure for the people of Uganda, thus opening up promising prospects in the country. The operating company will employ approximately 130 people, either directly or through subcontracting to local companies.”

This 2×2 lanes expressway with a total length of 26.2 km includes 3 toll plazas at each entrance and 17 toll lanes.

Egis will be in charge of installation of the street lighting, supply of toll and traffic equipment, operation, maintenance and toll collection on behalf of UNRA for a duration of five years, with a possible extension of two years. The tariff policy remains the responsibility of the Ugandan government.



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