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Juliana ‘divorces’ MTN over disconnected phone line

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Juliana ‘divorces’ MTN over disconnected phone line

Juliana Kanyomozi

Mobile Telecom Network (MTN), arguably the biggest voice and data service provider in Uganda got a rude shock of its life when Uganda’s diva Juliana Kanyomozi protested the disconnection of her mobile line which she had not used in a year.

This is probably something that veteran artist Juliana Kanyomozi who was out away for a year didn’t see coming. In a publicised divorce statement she posted on her social media pages, Juliana claimed she had been harshly treated by being disconnected without notice.

In a post on her Twitter page, a fuming Juliana said: “@mtnug you block my registered line with no notice at all simply because I was away for just a year? And even go ahead and give it away?? Gd bye @mtnug about time.

Hello @AirtelUg” Read Juliana’s tweet.As soon as MTN saw the Tweet, responded but their reply fell on the “Nabikowa” hit maker’s ‘deaf ears’

“Hi JULIANA, we wish to look at this, and advise appropriately. Please share this number in the DM and we check,” read MTN’s reply tweet.

Meanwhile, in the middle of her throwing tantrums, there are some Twitter users who felt it was Juliana’s fault.

“You bought a line; Da Company expected u to use it. One year down the road u haven’t used it. They have given da number to someone ready to use it and ur crying. @mtnug this is not a case to be concerned about,” Said a one Joel Nahurira.



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