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Rtd. Archbishop Ntagali confesses to adultery, begs christians for forgivenesS


Rtd. Archbishop Ntagali confesses to adultery, begs christians for forgivenesS

Archibishop Ntagali

Retired Archibishop Dr. Stanley Ntagali

Retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Dr. Stanley Ntagali, has publicly confessed to committing adultery and has sought forgiveness from Christians for his transgressions.

Ntagali publicly confessed to the sin before 36 Anglican Bishops, selected priests, and the faithful who gathered at Namirembe Cathedral on Thursday evening April 22, during events to mark the 60th anniversary of the Church of Uganda’s self-governance.

Ntagali noted that although he was strong since Christmas Eve of 1974 when he got saved, he sadly weakened in faith and fell into sin. Ntagali informed the congregation that he has since confessed and concealed himself in prayer seeking pardon and guidance from God. He also said that he is turning to his brothers and sisters in faith to find a place in their hearts to forgive him.

“On Christmas Eve 1974, as a young man I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I still love the Lord because he has loved me and I have loved to serve him over the years. Sadly, I fell into sin of adultery and I confessed to the Lord to forgive me and I want the church to forgive me,” said Ntagali.

He further sought forgiveness from the family of the priest, Rev. Christopher Tukamuhabwa whose wife he committed adultery with.

“My brother bishops, all our partners, brothers and sisters in the vineyard of the Lord, the entire Church of Uganda and all our partners all over the world and the family of Reverend Christopher, his wife Judith, the two families, please forgive me,” Ntagali apologized.

After his brief speech, Ntagali was embraced by his successor His Grace Rt Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mugalu with claps from other bishops as Ntagali went back to his seat.

The moment was followed by the sounds of Tukutenderaza Yesu, a popular rhythm amongst the born again community which as well saw some servants of God shed tears as they sang.

Archbishop Kazimba welcomed the confession of his predecessor saying sin is human and when truly confessed to God, one receives forgiveness.

Ntagali’s adultery scandal came to the public in January 2021 when Archbishop Kazimba suspended him from performing priestly duties noting that the act is as immoral as homosexuality and that they would not shy away from their commitment to moral standards.

Ntagali served as 8th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda until March 1, 2020, when clocking the mandatory retirement age of 65.

While serving as Archbishop, Ntagali was also the Bishop of Kampala and earlier served as Bishop of Masindi-Kitara Diocese from 2004 to 2012.



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