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More Kampalans trust alternative remedies to manage COVID-19


More Kampalans trust alternative remedies to manage COVID-19


Coronavirus update

There has been a drastic increase in the number of people opting for herbs and other natural or alternative remedies to manage COVID19 compared to last year, a research study finds.

A report released by Twaweza – an Organization focused on social research, indicates that community prescription remedies and self medication to manage Covid19 among residents of Kampala, has raised from 17% recorded in July to August 2020 to 30% recorded between December and January 2021.

Following these findings which were conducted by phone, health experts have expressed worry over the rising trend of self medication.

Presenting the findings, Marie Nanyanzi from Twaweza Uganda attributed the increase in the use of alternative natural remedies to the easie with which people can get the herbal medicines.

The report further indicates that 3-5% people in Kampala self medicate, 12-6% practice steam inhalation, 22% self quarantine, and 72% visit a health facility for treatment.

However, Dr. Grace Nambatya from the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda has cautioned Ugandans against self medication and the use of herbal remedies without proper prescriptions saying they pause a serious health threat to people’s lives.

Dr. Nambatya further expressed concern that after covid19 is done, Ugandans might start developing other serious health complications like, nerve depression, cardiac, liver, problems, diabetes among others which are hard to treat.

Meanwhile, Pamela Achili the President Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and Bryan Ssekayomba from the National Drug Authority advise people to always seek expert advise and guidance if they find out that they are positive with covid19 than resorting to community medical prescriptions.

Residents of Kampala and other Ugandans have been stocking and using herbal remedies to manage covid19 as prescribed by friends which is said to be dangerous.

The Health experts emphasized that currently there is no approved locally made product that cures Covid19 although some people are using natural remedies to manage the disease.



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