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CURFEW: Police directed to blow whistle before dispersing violators


CURFEW: Police directed to blow whistle before dispersing violators

RDC Stanley Bayole

Following daily reports of police officers shooting and mishandling civilians under the guise of enforcing measures president Museveni imposed to stem Corona, a resident district commissioner has directed members of the force to blow whistles to alert people about the dawn of curfew before dispersing violators of the deadline.

Stanley Bayole, the presidential representative in Butalejja, is the one who has improvised this measure to stop police from misusing their powers.

Police in Butalejja shot dead a twelve year old girl and wounded another young man in Butalejja at the beginning of this
week, while enforcing curfew that starts at eleven thirty in the evening.

” Police officers will from now on be blow ing whistles to alert people about the curfew time,” Bayole directed following a meeting he held with the police leadership in Butalejja.

Bayole feels the new directive will stop errant police officers from descending on people with clubs while shooting recklessly.

Turning to locals, Bayole appealed to them to continue respecting the measures the president put in place to avoid clashing with the law enforcers.

” Corona kills. People don’t have to wait for police or anybody to tell them to avoid getting infected with the virus,” he counseled.

He said much as he has told police to act professionally while enforcing the measures, it’s a license for people to abuse the said measures.



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