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Full Figure: Tamale Mirundi Is A Dead Man Walking


Full Figure: Tamale Mirundi Is A Dead Man Walking

Full Figure and Tamale Mirundi fit the Kiganda saying of Grasshoppers fighting from within the same sac

One of President Yoweri Museveni’s advisors, has labelled veteran journalist, Tamale Mirundi a dead man walking.

Jennifer Nakangubi, the motor-mouthed president’s advisor made the assertion during a live television show in Kampala.

She didn’t qualify her statement to help her listeners know what she meant exactly by referring to the lanky media personality as a dead man.

Full Figure joined Museveni’s battalion of aides, after decamping from singer turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine camp in the heat of last presidential campaigns.

She has since gained infamy for using vulgar language to wash down people she views as opponents of the establishment and herself.

During the same show, Full Figure levelled another wild allegation against Mirundi.

She claimed how the journalist tried to lure her into bed.

“I rejected that man. That is why he hates me,” she claims.

Mirundi and Full Figure aren’t on good terms. Each one of the two, do not waste time to sting the other when presented with the opportunity to speak.

Mirundi dismisses Full Figure as a beggar who jumped into Museveni’s bandwagon looking for alms.

Full Figure labels Mirundi a weevil, destroying the ruling NRM party right from within.

Full Figure is Jonny-come-lately in NRM who joined the ruling party as well as State House when Mirundi was working for the party and State House

Strategically, Mirundi is a better asset for NRM than Full Figure whose only claim to fame is spewing out vulgar statements in the earshot of everyone including young children.

Mirundi was a presidential aide in title and practice. The same can’t be said of the so-called Full Figure who one can be forgiven for dismissing her as a presidential aide in name, going by the pitious votes President Museveni obtained from the youth and artists.

Mirundi remains an eloquent defender of president Museveni even when he was relieved of his duties and does not agree with how many of the people in government go about their duties.



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