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First batch of Afghan evacuees arrive in Uganda


First batch of Afghan evacuees arrive in Uganda

Afghan evacuees arriving at Entebbe

The first batch of Afghan evacuees has arrived in Uganda aboard a privately chartered flight at the Entebbe International Airport.

A statement by Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the group comprises 51 persons who include men woman and children.

They are being hosted at Entebbe based Imperial Resort Beach belonging to businessman Karim Hirji.

Afghan evacuees arriving at Entebbe

The Statement adds that the evacuees  underwent the necessary security screening as well as the mandatory Covid-19 testing and the required quarantine Procedures.e

It is not clear if they have received refugee status or they enjoy a special treatment considering they are being pampered by the US government.

The coming into Uganda of Afghans comes in the wake of the fall of the American-backed Afghan government last week under the pressure from the Taliban fighters.

The American government has since indicated that it wants to end it’s mission in Afghanistan because of the huge financial cost involved estimated at over US$1 trillion every year.

In a sudden turn of events the Taliban advanced mush faster than the Americans were able to leave Afghanistan creating chaos as most of their interpreters wanted to leave with them.

The ministry of internal affairs said the decision to host those in need, is informed by the Government of Uganda’s consistent policy of receiving refugees and persons in distress as well as playing a responsible role in matters of international concern.

The ministry said whereas it had been arranged for some Ugandans to travel on the above flight, due to the challenges of accessing the airport in kabul ,they were unable o make it, however arrangements are being made to bring them in the subsequent flight.

The Ugandan government says it enjoys a long standing and cordial bilateral relations with the USA and will continue to pursue common interests for the mutual benefits of both countries.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Kampala hailed the decision by Kampala to host the Afghans.

A statement from the American embassy said: “The Government of Uganda has once again demonstrated a will­ingness to play its part in matters of international concern. We commend its efforts and those of the local and international orga­nizations in Uganda who are providing humanitarian support in partnership with the Government of Uganda for these evacuees from Afghanistan.”



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