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Panga gang hacks one in Kabulasoke, Gomba


Panga gang hacks one in Kabulasoke, Gomba

Panga-wielding have hit again, this time in Gomba, about 35 kilometres from Masaka

A gang of panga-wielding men last night hacked one woman and stole some electronics from her house as well as from neighbouring homes in Kabulasoke township in Gomba district, of Buganda region. The Sunrise has reliably learnt. The victim has reportedly been admitted in hospital.

Some of the residents who were victims of the attack have told this newspaper that the gang attacked one lady identified as ‘Mukyala Henry’ just opposite Kabulasoke police station.

One resident who preferred anonymity and one of the neighours of the hacked woman says he was awoken by movements outside his house at around 1AM.

“When I woke up, I saw three men armed with Pangas standing outside my house. I moved to the bedroom to alert Madam, but when I came back, they had disappeared,” says the resident in a terrified voice.
Other residents in the area have told The Sunrise that the attackers also made off with valuable household items such as Television sets.

The attack by machete gangs comes just a week after written warnings were circulated around the area of an impending attack by machete gangs.

The incident is likely to renew fears that panga-attacks that were recorded in Masaka, are spreading to other parts of the country. Some 28 people, mostly elderly men and women, were hacked to death by panga-wielding men. Police has since arrested two prominent opposition Kampala-based politicians and charged them with terrorism, in connection with the killings.

The Kabulasoke attacks also come two days after the Police celebrated two weeks since the last such attack was recorded around Masaka.



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