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Gov’t moves to curb Entebbe airport traveller delays, but maintains procedure


Gov’t moves to curb Entebbe airport traveller delays, but maintains procedure

Aceng at Entebbe airport

Prime Minister Robinnah Nabbanja together with Health Minister Dr Ruth Aceng yesterday had to rush to Entebbe International Airport to resolve a few incidences of delays that were experienced by travellers after their Mandatory COVID-19 PCR test results were kept beyond the 2 and half hours prescribed by the government.

Aceng later reported that the delays were caused by poor transmission of results to the individuals, and said this had been resolved.

“This will be resolved using an online dispatch system via email or WhatsApp. Those who do not have access to this will see their name on the screens erected at the waiting area and receive their results from a designated team member at the exit,” Aceng said.

The team however insisted the mandatory COVID-19 PCR testing procedure that kicked off Wednesday would not be abandoned especially after they received fake results and two positive cases of COVID-19 yet they boarded the plane with negative results.

The Manager of Public Affairs at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Vianney Luggya however apologized to the travellers for the delay, but noted that the alarmist posts made on social media that portrayed Uganda as introducing an odd procedure were not correct.

Luggya said that most countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) have in place similar mandatory on-arrival COVID-19 tests.

The government however indicated it had lessened the burden on tourists by removing similar hold-ups for this category.

Minister for tourism Tom Butime had earlier said all tourists would receive their COVID-19 tests from the VIP lounge, and would be allowed to proceed to hotels with the view to transmitting the results electronically afterwards.

Aceng urges travellers to use the online form filling exercise to quicken the process.

“I want to urge all the incoming travelers to access this link and fill the form to ensure the process is quick,” said Aceng.



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