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Terror: Traffic Police jerked out of slumber


Terror: Traffic Police jerked out of slumber

Police have tightened the noose around Boda Boda riders

The resumption of terrorist attacks by unknown persons / groups has jerked our sleepy traffic police into action!

The cops have staggered out of slumber to direct the erratic Boda boda riders on missing number plates and those distorted.

All of a sudden, the Traffic police bosses are hurriedly organizing sensitization lectures for the Boda boda riders.

The cops seek to teach the pay riders laughable things such as how to fix number plates and how not to remove them or cover them!

One hopes the riders this time round are going to respect what the traffic police is hurriedly pushing down their throats!

The forces’ publicist Hadijah Nampiima landed out of the blue on Tuesday to deliver her master’s two week ultimatum within which boda boda cyclists are supposed to implement such simplistic orders as the current one or else risk the wrath of the law.

Our people in security act like their colleagues in fire brigade. The fire fighters wake up after the accident has happened. They jump into sluggish and tired trucks without water, moreover, to mockingly rush to salvage the bad situation!

Seriously reporting, President Yoweri Museveni in the aftermath of the shooting of Gen Edward Katumba Wamala and his daughter Nantongo and Driver Kayondo, directed the traffic to enforce the number plates directive in respective of Boda boda.

The cops directed to do so, rushed to purportedly put the order to effect. But even before the cement and sand used on Katumba’s daughter grave could dry, our cops had left to mind other businesses!

Nevermind, after the shooting , it emerged the gangsters had used numberless boda boda bikes and ones carrying distorted number plates.

It’s such oversight on part of our police which afforded the gangsters involvedm a chance to escape detection by both the security officers and the highway cameras!

This is why for the umpteenth time the president directed police to ensure boda boda carry number plates at all times and ones which are easily seen.

Anyway, the traffic bosses after the latest bomb explosions which took lives of two people in a bus and a third one at the Komamboga Digida pork joint, the cops have miraculously woken up to do what the president directed them to do in May!



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