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One killed in bomb blast in Komamboga


One killed in bomb blast in Komamboga

Two people have been confirmed dead following a blast that ripped through Digida pork joint Kawempe Division

UPDATED: One woman was killed on Saturday October 23, after a bomb blast ripped through Digida pork joint in Komamboga, Kawempe Division in Kampala at around 9pm on Saturday.

A statement by Uganda Police Force spokesperson says they are investigating the possibility of a bomb blast, at ‘a eating point’ although some senior police officers appear to have confirmed the cause of the blast at the place to have been due to an explosive.

A tweet by Uganda Police Force Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye

Police says the blast left at least seven people with injuries.

Eye witnesses identified one of the victims as Emilly,a woman who died instantly, while the identity of the deceased male victim has yet to be revealed.

The timing of the blast at 9pm, which is officially curfew time, has also brought further scrutiny into the way the police has enforced the presidential directive.

Some observers pointed out that they have spotted the police vehicle parked nearby, considered a way to give protection to the abusers of the movement ban.

Many people have also been quick to confirm the ‘bomb’ narrative following a publicized warning by the British High Commission recently that pointed to the likelihood of a terrorist attack happening in Uganda soon.



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