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Desmond Tutu’s body liquified under pressure


Desmond Tutu’s body liquified under pressure

Desmond Tutu’s remains before they were aquamated

The ashes from burning the bones of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu were entered at St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday Jan 2,2022.

This was after his body was liquified under pressure – an increasingly popular practice among environmentalists known as aquamation.

The late anti-apartheid leader and Nobel laureate died on Dec 26 aged 90, willed to be burried in the cheapest way possible and that his body not be cramated by fire.

According to the Washington Post, aquamation is part of a growing “green burial” movement that avoids non-biodegradable materials and promotes natural decomposition.

Promoters say it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to ornate caskets and cremation by fire, which emits greenhouse gases.

The effluent from aquamation is disposed of through the city’s sewerage system.



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