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Sipapa’s defense in 1.6bn robbery affair mirrors untold impunity


Sipapa’s defense in 1.6bn robbery affair mirrors untold impunity

Suspects: Sipapa and wife Shamirah Nakiyemba were remanded to prison until October 10, 2022 when their case will be heard

Remanded socialite Charles Olim nicknamed Sipapa wrote a defense in the latest UGX1.6Bn sleaze which clearly mirrors the Impunity he is capable of.

Sipapa is said to have sedated a South Sudanese family in Bbunga, Ggaba, Makindye Division to sleep before helping himself to cash worth one billion and six hundred millions plus other precious personal effects.

After carrying out the robbery, Sipapa went home in Tororo where he gave away two tonnes of posho plus beans and liquid cash to his kindreds.

Meanwhile, as per the Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, Sipapa had been tipped off by his informers to run away from Kampala since the police was trailing him in order to arrest him.

This is why Sipapa would move to Tororo to escape the arrest but also to desperately create the defense of alibi from nowhere.

The defense of alibi simply means, a suspect wasn’t present at the scene of crime where he was alleged to have been present by the time of the commission of the crime, he or she, is being accused of committing.

His association with the case miraculously happened, when an iPhone he had robbed among the booty, linked him to the robbery.

The iPhone also assisted detectives to locate Sipapa’s home in Buwaate, Najjera in Kira Munipality where they recovered seven thousand United States dollars.

Further recovered, was a 65 inch Samsung TV, Iphones, smart phones and other properties robbed from Bbunga plus car parts not connected to the victim of the moment.

Sipapa’s concubine, among such many others, was picked and locked before the male fugitive emerged and booked, his statement taken and the two lovers remanded in prison.

In his defense statement, Sipapa confirms being a robber and says, his fellow robbers who aren’t as successful as him, are the ones out to cause trouble for him, out of sheer jealousy.

Elsewhere, he again denies robbing the South Sudanese family, bragging how he can’t rob merely UGX1.6Bn, when he has a total of two million dollars lying idle on his account.

Approached with the seven thousand dollars found in his house and yet the same was robbed from the South Sudanese’s home, Sipapa tells the detectives that he knows nothing about the dollars.

He then suggests how someone must have planted the money in his house, in order to implicate him in the instant robbery affair.

Pinned to the wall, Sipapa now informs the police how he is a reputed robber of precious gold not small dollars.

He then brags how his gold robbery exploits are well known within the corridors of power and within the affluent circles.

As his statement was being taken, the cops writing it, could not help but laugh whilst wondering about the kind of guts Sipapa is blessed with as to mockingly treat such a serious case lighter.

Yet anyone familiar with Sipapa, can easily tell where such impunity as showcased by him comes from before detectives taking the statement from him.

This man was one time being guarded by soldiers provided to him on instructions of the President following his switch from Bobi Wine’s NUP to Team Kaguta during the 2021.

During those times, Sipapa would drive into Kamwokya and provocatively fire bullets from the the headquarters of NUP, without anyone including police daring to touch him.

Several are the times when he would breach traffic laws and beat up people in jam with the police merely looking on.

The only time police intervened was when he had knocked a car only to resort to recklessly firing bullets.

It took the intervention of none other than the police chief, Ocholla to nab Sipapa and even to remove the police guards and government guns from the rogue.

Even this time round, save that he had robbed a foreigner who serves in the South Sudan army, one can hazard a guess, short of that, he was going to get away with the criminality.

Even when he turned himself in and uttered the nonsense he spewed out, Sipapa was under the inflated ego which led him to think he was above the law and going to be released sooner than later and go back to resume terrorizing people.

Sipapa has not just started dealing in robbery. Some few years, he was caught terrorizing residents along the Kololo’ affluent Charles King Drive.

He was treated to shabby whacking that left him gasping for life only that robbers are incapable of learning, the rogue still went back and engaged in robbery!



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